Paul Tofts PhD



European Society for Medical Imaging April 16-20 2012 les Houches France
Modelling DCE-MRI    abstract  talk


ISMRM May 1-7 2010 Stockholm
What do we mean by quantitative MRI?  (education weekend)   text  slides
Accurate and precise measurement of renal filtration and vascular parameters using DCE-MRI.  abstract   slides

SIMON MR course Linkoping May 10-11 2010
Quantitative MRI - how difficult is it? slides
Magnetisation Transfer Imaging - practical aspects

Siemens World Magnetom Meeting, Sheng-Zhen, China May 28-30 2010
Pharmacokinetic modelling - what's behind it?
Acquisition and evaluation of dynamic contrast-enhanced MR data.
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ISMRM April 18th 2009 Hawaii
Methods for quantitative relaxation parameter mapping: measuring T1 and T2. Saturday April 18th 2009
PDF             powerpoint presentation

Renal modelling.  Wednesday April 22nd 12:14
Estimating GFR from early (uptake) portion of DCE MRI renal data, using a 3-compartment model, improves reproducibility and may eliminate need for cortical segmentation
abstract      powerpoint presentation



more on quantification:
Tofts and Du Boulay Neuroradiology 1990. Towards quantitative measurements of relaxation times and other parameters in the brain
Multicentre measurements for brain and oncology 2010 (in press British Journal of Radiology)

Paul Tofts  April 14th 2012